Coordinated Approach

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Coordinated approach to optimize your lifetime cash flow

Strategies from the boardroom brought to the family room

Just like the CEO of any business, the head of each household  depends on a number of advisors to plan and execute strategies designed to achieve desired results. Consider it  like a household’s board of directors.  These advisors can include insurance agents, bankers, CPAs, stock brokers, mortgage advisors, your spouse, or maybe even a good friend.  Unlike most well run businesses, these key household advisors rarely, if ever, all get together in a room to discuss your household’s financial strategy.  How can you, as the head of your household business, make good financial decisions if each influencer of your cash flow has no visibility into how their advice impacts your decisions and your success?

Coordination is a key cornerstone to any successful financial plan.  At Fortiphi, our team of individual experts designs coordinated strategies to optimize our client’s lifetime cash flows. This approach eliminates the unintended consequences of well intentioned yet uncoordinated advisors operating from different viewpoints.

Just as smart businesses use models to evaluate risks and various outcomes before making their major investment decisions, likewise Fortiphi uses comprehensive, economic based financial planning models to help our clients see their entire financial picture in one convenient view, to establish a baseline of their current situation, and to test risks and various outcomes before making major financial decisions.

What model is your household business using?