Financial Diagnostic and Progess Report

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Expose risks to protect your family

Ensure your retirement strategy will work in most any circumstance

Each of our clients comes to us with unique challenges to their household businesses.  Just as with any business strategy consultant, Fortiphi’s relationship with its clients always begins with the same proven process: we take the time to really understand our clients’ goals, to ‘stress test’ current strategies, to diagnose ailments, and ultimately to identify strategies for our clients to achieve their goals taking less risk.  Fortiphi’s diagnostic tests expose unnecessary risks to protect family security and identify inefficient cash flows.  As household strategy consultant s, we help our clients understand the importance in correcting bad business practices and demonstrate the financial rewards of doing so.

“Begin with the end in mind” ~ Stephen Covey

For many people, thinking of their household like a successful business and putting cash flow first represents a paradigm shift in thinking.  Most traditional advisors focus exclusively on balance sheet improvement and investment accumulation strategies.  Fortiphi’s focus by design is on optimizing your lifetime cash flow to ensure that your retirement strategy will work in most any circumstance not just perfect conditions.  This is frequently the difference between your household having a thriving retirement and not having one at all.